Friendships that are forged during your school days are some of the strongest of your lifetime and recent reunions, full of animated conversations and laughter, are a strong testament to that. We are always delighted to see former students at the school and if you would like an infomal visit, please do contact the Development Director, Clare Atkinson on 01494 787570.

Keeping in Touch

By keeping in touch with DCGS, former students are able to reconnect and maintain links with their peers, receive news of the school and upcoming events and hear about how our Campaigns will benefit future generations of students. Newsletters are published several times a year, with more information available through our Challoners Connected Site and our Facebook Page. We also hold a programme of Reunions and are happy to help former students organise their own events, or get back in touch with their peers.

Helping the School

We are fortunate that many former students are able to help the school, either financially or by offering work experience or careers advice. We organise a Careers Fair every two years and are always keen to find people willing to offer advice and Work Experience, or speak to students in small groups. Do get in touch if you are able to help.