The Challoner’s Library is a wonderful place. Full of all kinds of books, resources and lovely librarians. The library is a fantastic place to be as there is just so much to do. Firstly, the library has all the books you need. For students in the lower years right the way up to sixth form there’s always something for you whether it’s a fictional book or a biography there’s something for everyone. Brand new books are always coming in from the best authors allowing the students to read the best kind of books.

The library is used all the time at break and lunch by students to either pass the time by reading some books or even completing any homework they have. Additionally each form from Years 7 to 10 receive a one hour lesson every half term which is a great time for them as they can get the opportunity to check out new stock, take out books or even get guidance from the librarians and embrace new authors. The sixth formers also have the access to use the library throughout the day as a silent workspace, this allows them to get easy access to all kinds of books and material they may need. But, the library isn’t just used for working and reading. Many events take place in the library in which many students participate.

A variety of spokesman and authors have visited our Challoners library, these include singer and author Karl Nova, action fantasy writer Marcus Alexander and many more. These fantastic people have shared their stories with the students about what they’ve done to be where they are today, how they’ve achieved it and these magnificent stories have been fascinating and inspiring for the students. But also, many spokesmen haven’t just come to tell their story, they’ve come to teach us. Speakers have come into our library from various places across the country. There have been talks set up by Christian Union about various, controversial topics, there have also been talks for sixth formers about UCAS. The list is endless and the talks the library holds are of all different kinds and there’s a talk for everybody.

Not only is the library busy during the day it is even used out of school hours. Departments such as Language and History use the library’s grand projector for film nights! From authors to explorers there’s always something going on. So come on down to the library if you have time, and enjoy the wonderful environment it has. But remember sshhhhhh!