DCGS Virtual Art Exhibition 2021

We have created a virtual gallery to celebrate the work of our GCSE and A Level Artists. The current circumstances made an exhibition impossible this summer so we are delighted to have found a way to celebrate their creative endeavours.

In the gallery you will see artwork by each of the artists of 2021 with a short description. Please open this to full screen and follow the guided tour to see first the GCSE artwork and then the A Level artwork.

The DCGS Art Block is a colourful explosion of unique talent, innovative imaginations and outstanding pieces of art. From the talented staff, to the excellent facilities available, it’s no wonder that so many of our school’s students have gone on to establish successful careers as architects, animators, photographers and fine artists. The subject offers many chances for students to express their creative skill as well as develop many useful skills through sculpture, clay modelling, sketching, drawing, printmaking and painting. The subject also enables students to develop creative thinking skills and to fully appreciate the visual world. There is the chance for students to join Art and/or Photography Club, where you can go beyond the curriculum and take part in a wide range of fun, engaging activities.

During COVID-19, it became increasingly difficult to give students a valuable art experience. But through the combined efforts of the art department, led by Mrs Prime, the staff were able to give pupils a useful experience despite the restrictions of teaching behind a camera. Due to these restrictions, the Art department was unable to show off their innovative pieces to students, parents and Open Evening visitors and so the first ever DCGS Virtual Art Exhibition was created as a way to display the artistic talent of our school’s students. This is now a regular feature on the Autumn calendar.

Key Stage 3 Art Divit Kelmani

In Year 9, I studied Surrealism, still life and abstract architecture. In Year 8, we drew self portraits and made expressive lino cuts and 3D heads. At the beginning of my time at DCGS, in Year 7, we did pottery and designed our own clay fish and we also studied natural forms and patterns. Over Key Stage 3, we have been introduced to a wide variety of artists from the past to the present via our many projects and discussions. The Art Department at DCGS is a truly enriching experience and environment and, thanks to the skilled staff, is also a pleasure to learn from.

GCSE Fine Art Josh Tuddenham

Doing Art GCSE I’ve found has been brilliant, exploring fresh ideas and techniques under different topics, it really allows you to combine any of your interests or curiosities into something unique through the various projects we’ve completed across the two years. Currently I’m in my final year of Art GCSE, and throughout I’ve found it a great subject that isn’t limited to the extent of a more academic subject. Your own influences and aspirations can be expressed freely in whatever you choose to create under the given topics, and just provides a space to improve in a more creative light.

Our coursework project has been “Concealed and Revealed”. Everyone has found their own direction and journey as the project is structured to allow you to allude to various meanings and different topics, leading to an exploration of a variety of resources and art techniques and a wide range of final outcomes.

A level Art Tom Vranch-Ward, Matt Beattie, Marcus Liew

Our A-level course began with a series of valuable workshops which provided us with key practical skills which would form a strong foundation for our personal journeys. These workshops were structured but fun and allowed us to exercise our creativity whilst teaching us the importance of time management. Following this we entered into ARTiculation, a national competition which gave us the analytical skills necessary for later parts in the course. This opportunity allowed us to see artworks from different points of view and interact with other art students from around the country. Currently we are working on our personal investigations with the title “Fragments”. At this stage in the course we are bringing together all the practical and analytical skills that we have acquired throughout the past year. This is an excellent chance to show our independence and truly express our artistic interests.

Year 7 Art

Year 8 Art

Year 9 Art

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