Astra Fund: Investing in the Future for our Students

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It is our belief at Challoner’s that every student deserves to fulfil their potential. Whether strengths lie in the classroom, on the sports field, in the concert hall or on the stage, we want to be able to provide opportunities which will enhance students’ education, creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Our students enjoy a vast range of educational opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Some involve the continuing development of teaching and learning whilst others relate to challenging and enriching activities in music, sport, drama and other clubs and societies. There is a steadily increasing demand for us to spend money in many areas. Whilst public funding contributes to these, it cannot alone provide the facilities and opportunities we believe our students deserve. We seek to offer a quality of education normally associated with independent schools even though we only receive around one fifth of the funding per student. Our hope is that as many people as possible will be supportive of our Astra Fund so that students can benefit from new projects every year.

We are fortunate that so many parents, alumni and friends of the School feel so passionate about the school that they are inspired to support us Supporting the School with a regular gift by Standing Order is invaluable as it enables us to plan for the future and you can support us over a period of time in a way which is manageable to you. To suport us with a Regular Gift, please complete our Donation Form and Gifts Aid Declaration and return it to us.

If you prefer to make a single gift, please do so via the link below. In both cases, please do remember that if you are a UK Tax player and tick the Gift Aid Declaration, we are able to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated from HMRC.

Any gift, large or small, is hugely appreciated. If you would like any more information on donating to the school, please contact Clare Atkinson (Development Director) on 01494 787570.