Our Vision

At Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

  • We work hard to help everyone feel safe and valued as part of our school
  • We are determined to give our best to everything we do
  • We are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of today and the future
  • We serve the wider community

We take care to ensure that all our students are supported in a caring and enriching environment which values each of them for the person they are. We want our students to grow into happy, confident and self aware young adults and believe that the next generation of society’s leaders will include many of our students.

At Dr Challoner's Grammar School everyone learns through

  • Teaching that is rigorous, engaging and high quality
  • Developing leadership at all levels
  • Maintaining a culture of high expectations
  • Showing a concern for everyone’s wellbeing
  • Providing a first class learning environment
  • Ensuring a breadth of opportunities for all
  • Promoting an open and outward facing attitude
  • Engaging with the global potential of technology
  • Exploring innovative and sustainable approaches
  • We work hard to help everyone feel safe and valued as part of our school

Our motto, ‘Excellence with Integrity’, is supported by a focus on core values of aspiration, kindness and resilience which help our students develop their academic strengths and a positive place in society.


  • We provide access to the best possible education for all our students, with a focus on academic excellence
  • We help students seek and take the opportunities that are available to them
  • We encourage students to develop into responsible, caring individuals


  • We provide an environment that allows individuals to flourish
  • We help students develop the complex skills of positive and effective relationships
  • We help students maintain a positive perspective


  • We support students in developing appropriate levels of self confidence and independence
  • We support students so that they cope effectively with the challenges that come their way
  • We provide challenges in a safe environment

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at DCGS

This is an articulation of our values around inclusion and diversity, to help our whole community act respectfully and kindly to each other.

DEI Charter