The Odyssey2022

The final term saw the summer play burst forth onto the Challoner’s proscenium arch stage once again, with this year's play being The Odyssey.

Despite the pressure and limited rehearsal time, the cast threw all their energy into creating three nights of fun, fast paced and adventurous entertainment for their audiences.

Due to exams and other school events, the cast only had five weeks from auditions to performances to perfect the play. The cast was chosen within two days of the auditions and rehearsals began right away. As The Odyssey is a play with so many different roles, the cast was one of the biggest ever in the history of summer plays.

Everyone put in a tremendous amount of effort and rehearsals took place three times a week for many of the actors. Many scenes, such as the picnic scene in which Demodocus tells the story of Troy, took over three rehearsals to perfect and due to this, much time was taken up.

However, there was a major setback when Mr Millar was ill and consequently, one of the all-day rehearsals on Saturday didn't take place. Anyone who has been in a play at Challoner's will know the importance of the two Saturday rehearsals where all of the scenes, previously rehearsed in classrooms or in the studio individually, come together, and the play begins to look like a full performance.

On Mr Millar’s return to school, an emergency all-day rehearsal was hastily arranged during the school day. Everyone maximised their efforts, worked as a team and the play looked much more professional by the end of the day.

The crew, desperately missing Leon Sommer and Rory Collins, who would usually run the lighting and sound for any production, put on a spectacular display. Projections, which haven’t been used in a summer play for as long as Mr Millar could remember, were used and meant that a minimalist set was utilised.

Over the course of two acts and three nights, the play delighted the audience through the actors' display of adventure and action. From cheese loving Cyclops’ to chaotic drunk suitors; from raging storms at sea, to men transformed into pigs, the play kept the audience hooked and on the edge of their seats.

Thank you to Mr Millar for directing the play and the incredible student directors who helped with costume, makeup and pulling the play together.