Four spectacular performances, two casts, over five months of rehearsals; the DCGS Junior Musical, Oliver!, was a wonderful success. From beautifully delivered songs to well-honed choreography, the hours of work that the cast and crew put into this production behind the scenes were instrumental in ensuring a truly memorable experience.

Starting in October, over 50 students in KS3 participated in auditions, the best of whom were given roles in the main casts, Charlie and Dickens. From Mr Bumble, to Dodger, to Oliver, those who got roles practised meticulously to learn their lines, while those without were taken through the ensemble numbers by Mrs Anstey and the choreography by Miss Jones. By the end of January, the numbers were beginning to creep up, and throughout February several full run-throughs were performed, increasing the standard of the show hugely.

The cast developed from singing songs and dancing to fully-fledged scenes over the weekly rehearsals. Four all-day rehearsals cemented the finer details of the performance, with the technical team ensuring that the lighting and sound brought it to another level.

As the music started on the opening night, the cast performed brilliantly despite the nerves, as they did on all four nights. The wonderful set, props and costumes only added to the ambience and atmosphere of the show. Hundreds of tickets were sold, with some even enjoying the show so much they returned for another night.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Miss Jones and Mrs Anstey, who directed the show, and that of the cast and crew. The production was outstanding and was loved by all who saw it, in addition to being a fantastic opportunity and amazing experience for all involved.