January 2024 - Birthday Tea

This was a chance for Mr Atkinson to celebrate our 400th year with the Year 7 students who were also celebrating their 12th birthday that week.

January 2024 - The first 400 years book delivery

Hot off the press. We took delivery of hundreds of books and we are delighted with the finished product!

March 2024 - Anniversary Service at St George's Chapel, Windsor

On 5 March 2024, 400 students, alumni, former and current staff visited St George’s Chapel in recognition of the 400 years of education that has taken place at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School.

A short coach journey from school later, we approached Windsor Castle and observed its grandeur in the distance. Brimming with enthusiasm, we strode to St George’s Chapel, under the ever watchful eye of the Royal Police.

Commencing the ceremony, the Dean of Windsor and the Right Reverend Christopher Cocksworth welcomed us to the Chapel and highlighted Dr Chaloner’s work in both Windsor and Amersham. Readings from School Captain Ed Bellamy and deputies Ross Tobin and Chloe de Alwis outlined the school’s core values. Our Headteacher Mr Atkinson read an extract from 1 Peter 4:7-11, suitably summing up the ethos of our institution. Reverend Chris Clare, a member of staff from 1974-2024, perfectly rounded off the occasion, with teachings of celebration, community and challenge - key elements of school life.

Throughout the celebratory service, we were treated to the extraordinary talent of Mr Tansley and the Music Department, with pieces from the School Choir, the 1624 Brass Quintet and the Sixth Form Chamber Choir. Ex-Challoner Alex Flood, a professional organist, expertly performed the organ that accompanied most of the Thanksgiving Service.

The 400th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was the perfect and well deserved gift to students, teachers and alumni alike to celebrate such a landmark occasion; a superb event, forever imprinted in the school's ever-expanding history.