Here are just a selection of fondest memories which alumni sent in to us recently. They illustrate the range of activities and characters that have been part of the school's history over many years.

My memories of my years at Dr Challoners are all quite wonderful.

I remain ever grateful to Challoner's for all of the opportunities and resources that I was able to make use of, in no small part due to the amazing teachers that helped me along the way.

Being introduced to computers in the informal computer club and starting what was to be a lifetime of fascination with the subject, both in work and outside.

Inspirational teachers.

Great teachers, great buildings, great opportunities. I had a real pride when attending.

Appearing in The Crucible in 2000.

Geography field trip to the Yorkshire Dales and a school cruise around the eastern Mediterranean. Good times and forming lifelong friendships.

Being told I was a genius by Mrs Savage.

Breaking the school relay record.

DCGS absolutely made be believe I could be what I wanted to be and I have taken this with me onto modest achievements in healthcare.

Enjoying Needlework classes.

Excellent interaction between staff and pupils which promoted a great and friendly atmosphere.

Football, cricket, great friends and excellent teaching. I developed a love of learning.

Barbados Cricket Tour, Bucks School Cricket XI and winning county cups for football and cricket. National quarter finalists for football in 1987, chess tournaments, table tennis, basketball.

Jazz and Swing band tour of Italy in Year 12.

Fantastic school with many happy memories of both friends and teachers. Set me up well in life - both professionally and personally.

Hours spent planning and building the set for Les Miserables with Mr England!

I loved my time at Challoners, so it's very hard to pick one! But I'm nearly 50 and my friends from school are still incredibly important to me.

I particularly remember singing the treble solo Pie Jesu in a performance of Faure Requiem with Ian Hooker conducting. I always greatly enjoyed the choir.

Meeting girls at DCHS.

It was one of the happiest and most fulfilling periods in my life. I have many fond memories of life at DCGS; sport particularly and the high academic standards of the school. The Art department was particularly instrumental in shaping my subsequent career.

World Challenge Expedition to Madagascar.

Gratitude for a good education which we took for granted!

A water fight on the Serpentine after a visit to the Science Museum with Mrs John.

Meeting my future wife!

Miss Entwhistle and Miss Graham having a pillow fight... although I may have imagined it.

Mr Clare blowing up components during end of term electronics lessons.

Mr Lorridge! I was unwell and had a lot of time in hospital from 14-16yrs. The headmaster massively supported me and took a big risk by letting me drop to seven GCSEs and remain in the same year group. I did well in my A levels and got into my first choice of medical school. That was because Mr Lorridge gave me so much support, along with my Chemistry, Physics and Biology teachers. I particularly remember Mr Groat, who got me through A level Physics. He was a wonderful man who really cared, also a strong Christian and someone I am indebted to. I was sad to hear he'd died a few years ago.

Pouring bouncy balls off the tower block on our last day.

Hours playing as many sports as I wanted with friends and the incredible trips I was very lucky to go on. The friendliness, humour and commitment of my teachers and their lessons as well as the remarkable opportunities given as School Captain (especially with the Sports Reports) which have all made me the person I am today.

Not to sound super geeky, but Challoner's was were I discovered my love for biology. The Biology teachers (Mr Gibson in particular) and the well-stocked library really opened up my world.

Participation in sports teams, choirs and orchestras, brass ensembles, friends made and the all-round education I received.

Playing in the school/staff rugby match, Drama productions including The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Hamlet, Much Ado about Nothing

Probably the Railway Club activities led by Ian Cliff.

Relationships with friends that have lasted throughout my many career paths. How to teach myself new skills properly.

Roald Dahl's Prize Giving Speech.

School friends and learning in an excellently academic school. Being locked out of the towerblock on a freezing morning, bundles on the ‘bridge’ to the science block, throwing school bags in to the staff lift, massive school wide snowball fights, ‘kill the cup’, bundles on the school field - so many fun incidents!

Scoring the only 50 of my life.

Teachers who took the time to listen, understand behaviour, and rebuild confidence.

Singing in the St Matthew Passion.

I owe DCGS a lot. Through it, I met some amazing, lifelong friends. I was supported by the staff and teachers to be the best student I could be, that laid the path for me to go to Oxbridge, a dream of mine. That allowed me to attend Harvard and build a life in NYC. Things aren't perfect but I think my life is better due to the wonderful institution I attended between the ages of 12 and 18.

Some of the teachers were really first class. My Chemistry teacher in particular was absolutely fantastic and incredibly inspiring.

One of my fondest times in my life, shaped who I was, thank you!

Star jumps with Frau Ober in the temporary classrooms to warm up in the morning.

Chris Clare and Graham Hoare - inspirational teachers (and legends). Other characters - Trevor Whitby, Peter Gee, Mr Richards (nobody ever knew his first name). Young Enterprise; Sixth Form generally, great times!

Table Football in the Sixth Form!

Taking part in jazz concerts and musicals.

The birth of rock'n'roll and teenage culture.

The great friendships I made which have lasted over sixty years.

The great school trips!

The school musicals - Sweeney Todd, Guys and Dolls and Les Mis.

The supportive teachers and the incredible education.

Sixth form common room and greasy chips with mates in breaks.

A week long Geography field trip to Hebden, even if we did have to watch the Eurovision song contest on TV in the evening.

Whilst I perhaps didn't fully appreciate it at the time, the faith, support and care that the school and its staff showed me, which acted as the foundation for me to achieve in life, beyond what I thought I was capable of.

All the Maths teachers - Mr Healy in particular. Tiffins, tuna melts and table football at Cafe Africa.

Year 7 RS with Mr Graham and listening to his jokes and also the Austria Trip for activities week.